Deleting links and looking at empty Hook Files and Notes

I am an early user and still struggling to put at some of Hook’s features to real work for me.

First question: should there be information stored in the Hook Sub-dir of Files and Notes? I have no entries in either after two weeks of light but daily use.

Second question: is it possible to delete links associated with a page–in this case, a gmail page. These links were random, in attempt to figure out function early on. Now they only distract and have no value. How to delete them?

I am using Hook’s ability to nicely package links to Dynalist outline topics and NValt pages etc. That alone would almost make it worth the Pro investment. Can’t wait until I gain way more chops.

Only if you have created Hook files (not the same as Hooking between contexts) or notes (unless you changed the default location or are using new item scripts instead of template files).

  1. Go to that context (I.e. that webpage)
  2. Highlight the link you want to delete using the arrow keys.

I knew there should be an easy way to remove associated files from a parent “hub”, removal works great with a bit of donated info, thanks.

And I suppose I’ll find where the role of created Hook files is discussed. I tried that, but it seemed less efficient than grabbing links and storing in a “folder” in OneNote, etc.

Baby steps… but still stepping!

here: Gear Menu – Hook

Hmm, when I use the MacOS app for Dynalist I can ONLY create a Hook-link to the application and not to individual notes. Does Hook and Dynalist only work together (linking to specific notes) if you use the web version of Dynalist? :thinking: