Deeplinking to the correct page location or center the page of the link

I am currently using Acrobat for markdown deeplinks. It works reasonably well, however I noticed 2 things - firstly I need to have a highlight somewhere on the page for hookmark to be able to work and secondly whenever I open the link afterwards it never points to the exact location - often shows the next page for some reason - not a huge deal, but if the location it shows was accurate it would have been much better. Alternatively just showing the correct page centred on the screen would still be fine.

(This is on the latest macos and latest acrobat if it makes any difference)

Our current guidance for Acrobat deep linking on Linkable Mac Apps page is:

  • :+1: Acrobat Pro DC (requires at least Hookmark 3, Big Sur): select an annotation like a highlight before Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link.

We should add some more information here: Copying Deep PDF Links and Quotes – Hookmark.

I am using hookmark 5.1.2, latest macos and Acrobat Reader (the free one). I doubt the Pro version would make a difference as the functionality is there, the accuracy however is somewhat off the mark. If I have many highlights on the page, how would hookmark decide which one to use for the coordinates ? I rarely get a link to the exact place, but it is close enough to scroll a bit to find what I need usually…

Currently, our guidance is per above “select an annotation like a highlight before Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link.” On click, Hookmark tells Acrobat to show that information.

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This works as expected, thank you. My issue was not selecting the exact highlight on a page with many highlighted lines.