Curio 13 and Hook

I noticed that Curio 13 added a new feature that plays well with Hook: Cross References. Those take one (or multiple) URL, and thus anything that hook can link to can be stored in a cross reference in Curio.

It is a pro feature, but in combination with Hook it will be worth for me to go from Curio standard to pro.


How would you make this work? How would you link Hook and the Cross-Reference? I could see some real value in Hook hooking up with one of the cross reference category types or more specifically to one of the references the cross-reference is linking. I’m having trouble finding words to match my thoughts about what I’m trying to get across here. My brain compartments are shot, LOL.

You go into Hook->copy link. Then in Curio you do right click->References->Add URL Reference as. Pick any of the cross reference categories. It doesn’t matter which one, they are just for your convenience. That’s it.

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Thank you Ottmar! I figured it would be something simple, but I’m extraordinarily simple-minded and vision blurred at this moment from grading too many discussion boards in my Environment and Society course.

It’s funny, I’ve been using Curio for probably a decade and I didn’t notice the update having this new cross-reference capability. So you did me two favors!

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