Create unidirectional links not using the menu bar icon

I couldn’t find a way to link resources unidirectionally directly by Hook’s UI & Keyboard shortcuts. I don’t like having to drag those resources to the menu bar, switching between windows dragging again. Is there a way to use a keyboard shortcut to paste a unidirectional link to another resource?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @martinewski. And thanks for asking.

The menu bar icon is not the main way to hook items together. It’s with the keyboard, with interactions similar to Spotlight/launchers:
It’s explained, with a video, here: Hook to Copied Link – Hook. (The video needs updating for Hook 2.0,but it’s basically the same interaction. We’ve added some toolbar buttons to make it fast to hook things together.)

The Hook window does not yet support unidirectional links.

Thanks, I’ll wait for this feature.