Context Window Always on top Mode

Currently I need to check the menubar to see if the current item has anything hooked to it & then I need control+H to see what they are. When it’s something I check a few times a minute, it really adds up.

I have many workflows where I quickly & immediately want to see and be able to interact with all links items. I’m not sure if there is some existing solution that I am not aware of, but having the Hook context window pinned to be always on top would really boost my productivity.

I hope some of you Hook veterans can suggest an existing solution :slight_smile:

We’ve looked into doing that. One consideration is that the Hook window has a lot of information in it. Users would probably want something more compact, showing just the titles not the paths, and using a smaller app icon for each entry. Hook’s API can be used to build that kind of a tool. It would work best with apps that use AppleScript. You’d want to rule out the UI scripted apps as they would interfere with the main app. That’s why Hook’s badge doesn’t give status of such apps.