Can't link more than two items in drop window

I can drag a link from Safari to the Hook drag and drop window, and I can then drag a second link from another tab in Safari to the drop window, but when I go back to Safari to drag a third link to the drop window, Hook links the first two pages and clears the list.

Also in the drop window, it should be possible to remove items, in case a link is dragged to it more than once by accident.

Actually, the clearing happens after you drop the second item. That is currently the expected behavior, as described in Drag and Drop Linking: One Item at a Time – Hook.

The menu bar icon supports many scenarios, but not everything one might want (e.g., many to many is not yet supported). technically there are things we need to do behind the scenes for the different scenarios.

That is supported. Just hover over the filled linker well and an “x” will appear on the right side of the well. click it to delete the temporarily stored address.

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I’ve moved this to the Discussion & Help category. If you think we should have a different process for that (e.g., keeping it in Bug category but marking as [Solved] or [Invalid], as we would in our issue tracking system,then please let me know.

Understood. But I think that the text in the drop window needs to make that clear. As it’s currently written, it doesn’t seem to rule out the scenario I tried.

“To link several items together, drag and drop them here.” I guess what’s meant here is that they have to be selected as a single group of things and then dropped on the Hook window. Note that it’s not even possible in most web browsers to select multiple tabs at once.

“Or drop a single item followed by one or more.” That sounds like I can drop one, then another, then another, and so on. I guess what’s really meant is that at most, two separate drops can occur, and either one of them can be groups of multiple selected items.

Ah, I didn’t notice that, thanks.

  1. If you drop multiple items in first well, they all get linked (fully meshed).
  2. if you drop a single item, then you can drop 1 or more items in a group, and they will each be linked to the first (hub-and-spoke, special case being one-to-one).

An image and video might help.

True. In fact, if you want to drop more than one item in the second well, they will all need to be files. We will gradually relax those restrictions. But I think we’ve covered over 90% of the cases. (We went through several design-implementation iterations…)

In terms of wording: we will add a link to the help page on the subject. Very tricky to display adequate text there without overwhelming the typical user. It’s a very interesting UX challenge.

This is going to come up again. I mean I won’t be the only person who asks about it. If I found it confusing, so will others.

I actually think the functionality should be changed, so that a series of items can be dropped, as advertised. But since that seems unlikely to occur, the wording should be adjusted, as it is ambiguous.

thanks, Jeff.

Well, we don’t say/advertise that a series of items can be dropped and linked successively, given that’s not how the tool works or is currently intended to work.

But we will revisit the wording.


I think that Jeff is right. It is not intuitive that the link disappears after the initial link.