BBEdit not showing in 'Hook to New...'

Hello! I’m using the trial of Hook, and am very intrigued by it. However, I’m having a major problem which is really preventing me going much further… I can’t find a way to use it with BBEdit!

The ‘Benefits’ section of the Hook website notes that one can ‘hook’ from Books, PDFs, webpages, and so on, and this functionality is very appealing. However, as a BBEdit user, I’m puzzled as to why BBEdit is not showing as an option in ‘Hook to New…’. I’ve checked the Accessibility settings, unchecked and re-checked the box next to BBEdit, but it just won’t appear.

When I choose ‘Hook to New…’, I have Bear, Pages, KeyNote, OmniFocus/Outliner, and others, but no BBEdit. And, of course, this is the one I really want!

Am I missing something very obvious?!

If you can, try changing the program your Mac uses by default to open text (.txt) files, so that it opens them in BBEdit instead of what it uses now (eg. TextEdit). That should make BBEdit show up on the Hook to New... menu.

There’s more about the Hook to New... menu on the Hook web site.

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Thank you, @jrivett — BBEdit now available.

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