Ballistic and Semi Ballistic?

Hook keeps confusing me. What does this mean?

"Three forms of Hook to New are:

** Hook to New (ballistic: uses your default template),*

** Hook to New… (semi-ballistic: choose your app or template), and*

** Hook to New As… (choose your app or template, and name/location of duplicate)."*

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Yes, I don’t understand the use of the word “Ballistic” in this context at all.

thanks for letting us know.“ballistic” here means no feedback/control required. Hook to New, without the ellipses ( ), immediately creates the new document as soon as you issue the command.

The commands that have ellipses require user interaction before the new item is created (or items are created). That’s the typical macOS convention: ellipses means you need to do something else to complete the action.

We’re about to publish a blog post that further illustrates the Hook to New... folder feature.

To be clear, Hook to New feature existed before Hook 3.0. What we have done is to support the folder case (and some other changes).


I don’t see "Hook To New As … " in my Hook app.

Need to hold down the option key — in Title menu or on a hooked item.

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