Aquaminds NoteTaker support

There were two related outliners for a number of years, Circus Ponies Notebook, and Aquaminds NoteTaker. While Circus Ponies ceased development, NoteTaker has continued and is at v 4.5, with a release this month. In my opinion as an end user although the interface looks skeuomorphic and not quite like more recently-released products, it’s a very good program that goes all the way back to NeXTSTEP in origins. I think it’s a great sign when programs (BBEdit, Omni products, TypeIt4Me, EagleFiler, etc.) are around and supported for many years. It’s something I consider when choosing software, moreso than current popularity. Anyway, I’d love to see NoteTaker support in Hook, and it looks like there’s an applescript library with linking potential. I have not had time to get this working right, but perhaps it’s something the Hook team could look into supporting officially. Thanks for considering.

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