Antivirus software blocks Hook

I just went to install the latest version of Hookmark and my antivirus software (AVG) blocked it from “trying to change or delete the file ‘built-in templates’ in your protected folder.” The dialog that came up said “suspicious activity detected.” I downloaded the app through the Hook app itself. It’s probably an error on the part of AVG, but these days one can never be too sure. Has anyone else seen this before?

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @JakeCarson . And thanks for asking.

Hookmark creates and manages a templates folder containing a “built-in templates” folder and a “custom templates”, so I don’t see why it would complain.

Hookmark doesn’t download stuff. You can create bookmarks and hooks to web pages, however. And using those links will ask macOS to access the URLs.

Thank you for the response. That makes total sense. I will override AVG’s false-positive warning. In case, you see similar messages, the product in question is their Premium AVG Internet Security
(Version 20.3)

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I forgot to include a link to the relevant Help page: Templates – Hookmark.