Add "What works with Hook?" link to contextual menu?

I suggest that the Hook contextual (gear) menu have this link:

What works with Hook?

The first question I think users might have (after, “well, how do I work this”) is “what can I do with Hook”.

Thanks, @quorm.

Hook version 1.1 will add “Quick Overview” (a welcome board). By that point there will be six entries in the Help section of the Gear menu, which is quite a lot.

We’re considering this topic (related to prior posts) in relation to a bunch of UI updates, e.g., related to Move cognitive focus to links…. My sense is that the issue of compatible apps is one that is most salient in the context of a currently incompatible app, which is one of the possible reasons for the “No linkable item found in <App>. [learn more]

The latter page has section about and link to unsupported apps.

When an app is known to be incompatible, Hook could in principle add a note to this effect in status bar, with a link to the apps page. Judging incompatibility is somewhat complex. And apps can become compatible independently of any action from CogSci Apps, by adding support; and there are many apps. The list of compatible apps is incomplete now, with many apps remaining to be tested that work out of the box (and third-party developers being able to add support).

These issues remain on our radar.

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